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Brilliant Makers of Custom-Made Men’s Boots in the Globe

Among various brands of shoes belonging to men, custom-made boots are also preferred by many buyers – since they are able to give precise measurements according to the size of the sole, nature of the material used, and colour among others. Interestingly enough, most of the custom-made shoes are sold like hotcakes, as the demand nearly equals their supply in the market. As viewed by the brand makers, they are also referred to as made-to-order shoes or simply bespoke. Bespoke is more specific to the measurements of your foot while made-to-order concentrates on leather, colour, and other stylish options.

TYE Shoemaker

The company was founded in Japan – in 2011 by Tsuyoshi Ohno, who received training by attending Chihiro Yamaguchi. They have managed to take a definite role in the shoe industry for over 7 years; they have specialized in bespoke footwear. For the purpose of producing boots for men, they use different materials: tan ostrich and shrunken full grain calf; thereafter, they use a hand-sewn welted method. Bespoke shoes are priced at $3000. Once you place the order, it only takes 8 months to receive your purchase.

John Lobb

It was founded over a century ago – to be specific in 1849 (England); in their shoemaking process, they always incorporate all herculean old-fashion trends to give an outstanding modern one. Fundamentally, they use top leather, welt design and put amazing efforts within their company in handcrafting – for more than 5 weeks, in Northampton. All custom-made boots for men can be worn constantly without need of replacing them, except if they need a new sole. They have gone a step further to spread their wings in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.


In this organization or family-related enterprise, there is a deep history of its existence since 1866 – surpassing the one-century mark. The growth of Carmina has heightened over the years because of employing well-versed individuals to head its massive operations in different cities: New York, Paris, Barcelona, Singapore, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. In the Men’s category, you are likely to find workboots near me such as loafers, derby, oxfords and cordovan. They make these boots by creating pattern pieces and tracing, selecting the materials, clicking, closing, etc.